Benefits Administration

Health and Life Insurance

Accurate Employer Solutions enables your company to offer Fortune 500 caliber benefits with cost-effective health and life insurance options. Our experts will work with you to determine the best comprehensive package for your business and employees.

Employee benefits involves plan selection, open enrollment, payroll deductions, ACA compliance, HIPPABenefits Administration considerations, and many other challenges. Smooth out the complex task of managing employee benefits with Accurate Employer Solutions. Set up your benefit plans once, driving enrollment and deductions throughout the system. You can also use available carrier connections to communicate all life events and other changes. With our solution powered by isolved, managing employee benefit enrollment is easier than ever. The user-friendly benefits eligibility and enrollment functionality offers a more engaging and intuitive experience, allowing employees to navigate step-by-step through the process. Structure benefit enrollment welcome messages with attached documents for employees to review and acknowledge, schedule email alerts to track enrollment deadlines, and offer a printable summary statement of all benefits selected. Drive employee engagement and usage to improve the way your employees enroll in benefits.

Accurate Employer Solutions covers all your benefits needs, including: medical, dental, vision, AD&D, life insurance, retirement, and other voluntary benefits.


Accurate Employer Solutions will assist you in offering a 401(k) solution for your business. A 401(k) gives you the competitive advantage needed to attract the employees your business is seeking, and promotes talent retention. In addition, our comprehensive HR outsourcing solution removes the burden of the administrative and compliance responsibilities that are inherent with managing a 401(k).